Beard Styles

The Cutest Beard Styles For Men

Beards have been associated with strength and the masculinity touch in men for the longest time. However, currently, beard styles stand for more than power and masculinity. They are now considered a part of the fashion trend for men. There are several trending styles that you can try for your beard to look stylish and classy.

There are so many options that you can choose from depending on your personality. The stylist can help you choose the style that best works for you depending on your face shape and also the nature of your beard growth on the face. Check out some of the best beard styles below.

  1. Stubble

This is the ideal option for men who are not ready to commit to full beard styles. This style can be defined as between a clean-shaven beard and a short beard.

The beard style is one of the most practical options if you are looking for something less dramatic, especially for professional occurrences.

This style demands regular trimming to maintain its original state, depending on the rate of your hair growth. If your facial hair grows super-fast, you may need to trim it more often than those whose hair takes longer to grow out. It is also zero maintenance as the hair left is too short to require any sort of attention.

  1. Short Beards

The best option is if you are looking for something to get you through the hot temperatures in your area, especially during the summer.

The length of the hair left is just manageable and the best fit if you want to enjoy keeping your facial hair where your work ethics don’t allow long beards.

Short beards give most men the opportunity to try exploring different options as the beard grows out. If you are going for this style, you should ensure that the facial hair on the cheeks and neck is clean-shaven. This helps keep the attention on your short beard style. For an outstanding look, this style looks better when polished rather than messy.

  1. Trimmed Beard

This long beard has been trimmed to the shape and design of your preference. The stylist who does the trimming need to be careful enough because it is important to match the beard shape with the face shape.

This style is an option for people that grow full beards specifically. Trimming helps make the long beard styles more manageable, as long hair on the face can be hard to manage. The beard style should feature a fade starting from where the beard meets the hair on the head edges and have longer hair on the chin.

  1. Circle Beard

This is a beard where the hair is only featured on the circumference of the mouth. Circle beards complement other facial structures perfectly, especially for people; the beard naturally grows in a circle.

In most cases, this beard style works better with short hair, and you can choose either a dramatic or subtle effect depending on what you are looking for. You can choose the thickness of hair you want to leave for the circle, and you can have fun exploring different thicknesses to see what suits you better over time.

The circle beard is one of the neatest beard styles that you can try. There is little facial hair left from this styling which makes it the best option if you don’t like a lot of facial hair on your face. Older men like this beard style as it does not require any special maintenance.

  1. Beardstache

This style focuses more on the mustache, which is the hair that grows on the part between the nose and the upper part.

For this style, all the facial hair is cut relatively short, and the mustache is left long to get make it stand out since that is the whole idea of this specific beard style.

Since the cheeks, the chin, and the jaw are clean-shaved, it allows your facial features to stand out. You can choose the length that you want the mustache to be depending on how much attention you want. For most beard styles, you can choose the mustache thickness depending on your facial features.

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