RV Maintenance

RV Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Naturally, you expect your RV just like your regular vehicle, to be a long-term investment and intend to use it for many years. Taking very good care of it will extend its lifespan, giving you and your family more road trips, fun, and memories. But the more you use the RV, the more it is prone to odor problems due to food spills, pets, smoke, body odor, and microorganisms.

Regular cleaning can help, but high levels of ozone break down odor and microorganisms at their source. The use of ozone generators for RVs will effectively remove unwanted odors from your recreational vehicle.

Here, you can learn about RV maintenance and care tips to keep it in top condition for countless family fun and enjoyment.

General RV Care Tips

Since your RV is a large vehicle with living quarters, it should have the care of a vehicle and a home. From general cleaning to engine routine checkups, all these will keep the RV working for years.

Engine maintenance should be on top of the list, especially since RVs spend months in your garage during the long winter months. Check the battery at the beginning of each season and see if it is fully charged even if not in use.

Change the oil every year as your RV is not an everyday vehicle, so this does not need frequent changes of oil. Doing this once a year will keep the engine healthy. Also, inspect the hydraulic filters and replace them when needed.

Keep your motor home completely covered to keep it protected from too much sun and UV rays exposure and harsh weather.

Clean the roofs frequently to avoid grime from settling on the roof surface and in different corners. This is also an opportunity to check leaks can cause extreme damage to your RV over time.

Regularly inspect doors, windows, and roof seals to prevent moisture from seeping into your RV. Inspect the entire RV for water stains and discoloration and all signs of leaks and cracks. Do this every 6 months; seal cracks, lubricate, or replace seals to prevent severe damage.

Check the wheels, tires, and brakes to even when not traveling. When parked or stored, use tire covers to avoid tires from quickly degrading. Check tire pressure before traveling to avoid tire blowouts or accidents.

Make sure breaks are working properly during routine checks or before your first trip of the season.

Your RV’s interior must be thoroughly cleaned before it is stored for the winter. Empty the cupboards and storage spaces. Remove used linens and towels.

Then, place an ozone generator in the unoccupied RV so it can begin its work by oxidizing the pet, food, and beverage odors. Set the timer according to its recommended hours of use and let ozone fill hard-to-reach areas where microorganisms hide. Because ozone is a gas, this will fill the entire space and ensure every part gets treated. The result of the use of ozone generators for RVs will give you cleaner and fresher RV interiors.


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