What Are Celebrities Wearing to Weddings?

What Are Celebrities Wearing to Weddings?

Whether you’re a guest or getting hitched, you probably want to look your best at any wedding. Fortunately, there are plenty of celebrity trends to emulate. Dolce & Gabbana make it easy by offering plenty of variety. Here are the top trends among celebrities that can help you decide what to wear to your next hitching.


Sequins can catch the light perfectly. If you’re the star, you’ll undoubtedly shine like one in a sequin gown. If you’re among the spectators, you’ll look particularly stunning.


Believe it or not, ruffle sleeves are standard among celebs right now. If you go with this trend on your wedding day, you could feel like you just stepped out of Romeo and Juliet. You’ll undoubtedly look stunning.


This past spring saw a lot of feathers. So spring is the perfect time for feather trims. If you’re attending a spring wedding, you should consider following this trend.

Tie Straps

Is the wedding outdoors in the summer? Is it more of a casual affair? If so, try some tie straps on your dress. That can give off a relaxed summer feel that is still perfect for your formal occasion.


Bows can give off a cute, just-a-girl vibe. So if that’s what you’re into, seek a dress with a beautiful bow that ties in the back. Remember, oversized ones are also great for hiding any stubborn back fat you couldn’t get rid of before the big day.


Wraps tend to be easy to don, casual, and flowy. When you want something that is low maintenance, doesn’t stand out, and looks beautiful twirling around on the dance floor, a wrap could be your best friend.

Dolce & Gabbana Suits

Don’t worry, men and ladies who prefer the pantsuit. Dolce & Gabbana offers a complete line of tuxes and suits so that you can pick from florals, blacks, and other colors. You can even find our suits with shorts instead of full-length trousers. Just remember to accessorize appropriately. A statement belt is a must with plain black.

Full Coverage Gowns

Retro is all the rage now if you haven’t been keeping up with the trends. There are even celebs who have gone back to Victorian-inspired clothing. Anyone embracing the retro vibe should consider a full-coverage gown with classic lines.

Midi Dresses

If you want to show off more skin, try a midi dress. But, of course, it is a wedding, so you’ve got some dress code rules to follow. In other words, you can’t show too much skin, but a midi dress is appropriate.

Slip Dresses Want something simple that you can pair with heels for the photos and combat boots for the festivities? Go in a slip dress. They are plain enough that you can dress them up or down. Then, you don’t have to worry about changing between the ceremony and the reception.

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