Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano is well known as the woman of stage- up funnyman Chris Distefano. She’s a Zumba educator who’s certified in spin and group fitness. Also, she’s the mama of two children. Together they’re making the world an intriguing place for their observers. They use podcast shows to entertain their suckers. Jazzy also known as Jasmine or Vinny shares many of her punchlines and statement in the podcast. Then you can find all the details of Jazzy Distefano. Have a look at some of the unknown data about Jazzy Distefano then.

She is thirty-seven years old

Jazzy Distefano aka Jasmine is 37 times old. Her birthdate is April 17, 1984. Her parents are Edwin and Liz Candelas.

Jazzy Distefano is not married to Chris Distefano

numerous people consider Jazzy Distefano as the woman of Chris Distefano. But they aren’t married. They both suppose that they’re veritably close to each other so marriage won’t make a difference. Also, they’ve a good connection with each other.

They’ve three children

Jazzy Distefano formerly has a son named Tristan from her former relationship. The father of the child isn’t known. also with Distefano, she has two children. Now they’re all a amalgamated family. The family has plans to buy a large house in Staten Island to raise the three kiddies.

Jazzy Distefano is a Zumba instructor

Jazzy Distefano is a successful Zumba educator. She always looks fit and also helps other people to stay fit. Also, she helps new maters to come out of postpartum depression. She trains women to get into shape and stay fit. The fitness trip of Distefano began when she suffered from postpartum depression. So she helped other maters to stay positive during and after their gestation.

She has made a new program called Jazzymethod which blends bodyweight training with music. So people can do exercise and enjoy. Her training is accessible to the people following her social media account. People can also pierce it on Patreon.

This fidelity of hers is helping pregnant maters endure their way through the awful ages of postpartum depression. That’s why she’s outstanding in her profession.
Jazzy Distefano is a fitness coach so she posts lots of vids about training on her social media runner. Her Instagram caption is this “ Then for the mas Let me motivate you ”. numerous people follow her to know tips on fitness and life.

About her husband

Chris Distefano is the hubby of Jazzy. He’s a notorious funnyman who started his career in the MTV shows like Girl Code and Guy Code. He’s well known for his experimental humor. His full name is Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano and he’s of German descent. He grew up in Ridgewood, Queens, and went to Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens.
Also he went toSt. Joseph’s College where he studied psychology and played basketball. From the New York Institute of Technology, he earned a doctorate in physical remedy. He rehearsed pediatric physical remedy before starting his career as a funnyman. Further, he began to perform stand- up comedy in August 2009. also he hosted the 2010 Fencing Masters on the SNY network. He was chosen to caption Carolines Breakout Artist Series. He was named as the finalist for the 2011 NY Comedy Festival. also he started to do stand- up comedy in numerous clubs.

He got the occasion to appear in numerous MTV shows like Guy Code, Girl Code, Off the Bat, Guy Court, The Challenge, and more. He came one of the American MCs of the Netflix show Ultimate Beachmaster. From 2019 he started to regularly perform and travel. also he took part in his first burlesque special Chris Distefano Size 38 Waist. It premiered on Comedy Central.

Distefano also does a podcast named Stand- Up with Chris Distefano. Heco-starred on the web series Bay Ridge Boys with fellow funnyman Yannis Pappas. Also, heco-hosts the podcast named History Hyenas.

Before meeting Jazzy, Chris Distefano dated funnyman Carly Aquiline from 2010 to 2014. He has a son named Delilah born in May 2015. also with Jazzy Distefano, he has two children.

Her first meeting with Chris Distefano was funny

Chris Distefano has participated numerous details about his life in his podcast. He called his first son’s generality an accident but a blessing. Everything happed to him snappily. At the time of the Hey Babe podcast, the funnyman participated that the stars aligned in a different yet good way. He met his unborn mate at a bar. also Jazzy Distefano came pregnant with his child.

This changed the whole course of their life. He also participated that Jazzy Distefano didn’t know who he was. She also thinks that he’s not that important fun. also to impress her he kept on buying her drinks. After that everything turned out well for them. Now they both have the strip podcast.

Jazzy is an independent woman

Chris Distefano is always in admiration of his woman ’s independence. She always figures out effects before others. Indeed during her gestation Jazzy did numerous effects on her own without help. Also, she has a quick mind and tries to ameliorate her chops in everything.

What’s the The Net worth of Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano’s hubby has a networth o$ 33 million. His top source of profit is through special occurrences and television shows. He started his career at a small comedy club also went on to come a great funnyman. Now he’s one of the most sought- after celebrities. He also hosted colorful shows and entertained people with his wit and humor. He also hosts several podcasts. Now he’s thirty indeed times old.

There’s no data available about the networth of Jazzy Distefano. But she has a successful career through which she’s earning plutocrat. Also, she’s a well- known pukka Zumba educator. She also takes part in some of the podcasts of her hubby.


These are some of the intriguing data about Jazzy Distefano. She’s a awful woman who loves to take care of her children. Also, she’s successful in her career.

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