Some fresh vegetables that you must take during summer

Some fresh vegetables that you must take during summer

Every season has its own set of challenges that we face and have to overcome. For example, during winter wearing woollen clothes to bear the harsh winter is a big issue. In countries in the Nordic Regions like Norway, Denmark and Sweden the temperature stays around -20oC for months and people are deprived of sunlight. But still, the work has to go and so people can’t afford to sit in their homes. Children have to go to school; adults have to go to work and so is society.

During the rainy season, roads get waterlogged and jammed causing inconvenience to people. It is also the time when infection and allergies get widely spread. So, people need to buckle up their immune system by taking Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 mg sildenafil citrate pills. Every season has some exclusive vegetables that are only available during that season. Seasonal vegetables provide the necessary shield that strengthens the body during that season. This is why doctors also stress eating seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Similarly, during summers also our diet and lifestyle change. We have to bear the scorching heat of the sun at around 40 to 50oC in some places.  Most people stick themselves in front of the AC and keep sipping multiple juices and chilled water. In this article, we shall read about some fresh vegetables that one must take during summer.


Undoubtedly during summers, cucumber is one of the most demanded vegetables in the market. This is why you would find that in the initial days of summer cucumber is not much expensive but as its demand goes up in the midsummer the price touches new heights, making a hole in the wallet of common men. In summer we lose excess sweat to keep the body cool from excess heat in our surroundings. Hence, we need to compensate for the loss of excess water by consuming lots of water. Usually, it is advised to drink 3 litres or 8 glasses of water. Increase the intake of water by adding a few more glasses. But people have found instead to drink sugar drinks that may give slight relief but may cause obesity or diabetes in the long term.

Cucumber is the best thing to eat in such an extreme heated conditions. Cucumber contains 90% of water, so eating cucumber is almost drinking water. One may not want to drink 8 glasses of water so add lots of cucumbers and instead of munching eat cucumbers.


Another vegetable that you want to take during summer is tomato. It has some similarities with cucumber as it is also a water-rich vegetable containing more than 80% water. So, now you have got two options that can help you get rid of the boredom of sipping plain water as eating some tomatoes will also fulfil the need for tissues and cells for water. Tomato is mostly consumed raw in salads or as a co-ingredient in curries to give a sour taste. It founds extensive use in Indian dishes as they consume spicy dishes that require a lot of tomatoes.

Tomato is a citrus vegetable and hence it is also rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in fighting the harmful free radicals. This strengthens the immune system and safeguards the body against the attack of viruses and bacteria. It is also a major ingredient in kinds of ketchup but avoid taking it as they just give the name of being tomato ketchup but are only added tomato flavours.

Bottle Gourd

In summers one must not put much stress on the stomach and the gut. Hence eating food that is easily digested must be the priority. And bottle gourd is one such vegetable that is again full of water. You need to add not more than a pinch of oil for sautéing. The bottle gourd itself releases water that is enough for cooking it. It is so light that you would not feel a full stomach even after eating a lot of it. Hence, in summer when the outside temperature is more than 40oC you wouldn’t want your stomach to process food that is itself filled with heavy spices. Bottle gourd is also a very versatile dish so it gives a lot of chance for someone who gets bored with usual recipes.

Balls of bottle gourd are loved with rice and pulses, or you also drink bottle gourd juice. Health-conscious people like to drink a variety of juices, for them, a bottle of the gourd is another option they must try.

Any Green leafy vegetable

If you don’t have to want to eat any of the above vegetables then eat any green leafy vegetable you find in the market. Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of water and fibre. They contain almost zero calories and get easily digested without much effort from enzymes. Vidalista Generic Cialis become for people who avoid such vegetables during summer and keep scrolling Powpills. Some of the vegetables mentioned are mostly found in summer but such as tomatoes and cucumbers are found throughout the year.

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