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7 WFH Accessories Every Employee Needs

It is more common to work from home (WFH) than ever before. Whether you are a temporary remote worker or WFH full-time, the most innovative accessories can make your job easier. Explore the following list of devices and tools to feel more relaxed and productive.

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1. Blue Light Glasses

As a remote professional, you spend hours on a tablet or computer. Frequent screen time is necessary to WFH, but it can lead to uncomfortable eye symptoms. Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged use of digital devices. You may notice symptoms such as tired eyes or headaches. Fortunately, wearing blue light glasses can make a difference in how you feel. 

So, how do blue light glasses work? These unique lenses filter high-energy visible blue light to help prevent symptoms of digital eye strain. Some blue light glasses have no vision correction, which means you can wear them even if you do not need a prescription. There are stylish reading glasses with blue light blocking lenses for those who have trouble seeing up close. Today’s most innovative blue light readers come in classic and trend-forward designs for every face shape. Whether you like chic oversized glasses or sophisticated half-frame specs, there is a pair for everyone who works in a home office.

2. Noise Filtering Headphones

Many office workers need a quiet and serene environment to do their best work. After all, noise and distractions can affect productivity and affect online meetings. Thankfully, noise-filtering headphones can help reduce clamor from kids and pets.

Some headphones cancel noise, says CNET, but others isolate them. Noise-canceling designs are more effective at drowning out sounds, but they need batteries. Noise-isolating headphones do not require power, but you will want an excellent fit. You may hear more background sounds with these devices than you do with models that genuinely cancel noise.

When you decide which type you prefer, you can pick from over-the-ear or inside-the-ear models. Select from various colors and finishes to reflect your personality and style. Product pricing ranges from affordable to expensive so that you can find something on a whim or as a special gift.

3. Wireless Charging Devices

A remote office includes many cords. When you shop for wireless and Bluetooth devices, you help to enhance safety and prevent clutter in your home. Wireless charging devices are sleek and convenient, making them ideal for the WFH professional. When you go wireless, you can charge your smartphone battery without a plug or a cable.

Most wireless chargers look like a thin pad big enough to fit a smartphone or tablet. Since they hold their power for hours at a time, you can place it in a spot away from your work area. Before you purchase, check to see that the charging device works with your phone’s make and model. Some of the best wireless chargers let you boost more than one device at a time, making it easier to stay productive.

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4. Customized Relaxation Aids

Even if you love your job, it is common to experience work-related stress. According to, nearly 80 percent of workers feel stressed on the job. In addition, almost half of them say they need help to learn how to manage their symptoms. Having relaxation aids in your office can help you stay calm on a challenging day. It can also aid you with long-term stress while working at your desk.

Some of the best choices for staying serene include an essential oil and oil diffuser set or a portable heating pad that wraps around your neck and shoulders. In addition, memory foam and massaging footrests can help you align your posture and comfort your legs. Finally, a small meditation cushion in the corner of your home office can help you take a peaceful break. Glow lights and sound machines can help you wind down or reduce the severity of eye strain or headaches. Salt lamps add tranquility and style to any home office. A yoga mat can be an excellent place for an afternoon stretch or rest.

5. Ergonomic Computer Accessories

When you WFH, it can be tempting to sit on the couch with a lap desk. However, the wrong posture can affect your spine and back. Michigan Medicine recommends an ergonomic work area, which can help prevent injuries due to repetitive movements and the way you stand or sit.

Ergonomic computer accessories make excellent gifts for a remote worker. While they help keep your work right in front of you, they also help prevent excessive stress on one area of the body. Some of the most popular ergonomic accessories for working from home include mice and keyboards. You will also find desk pads and monitor risers. If you want to revamp your home office, you can even invest in an ergonomic office chair.

6. Temperature-Controlled Mug

When working on an intense project or assignment, it is easy to forget your hot tea or coffee. Prevent yourself from traveling back and forth to the kitchen with a self-heating or temperature-controlled mug for your desk. With the help of one of these devices, your drink will not get cold as you talk or type.

Some devices are smart, which means they let you set and keep your ideal temperature for your beverage. Treat yourself or the hard-working professional in your life. If you are searching for something economical, there are plenty of budget-friendly models featuring convenient touchscreen designs and comfortable heat-resistant handles. For those searching for an alternative, the best way to save money and keep your cup warm is to get an electric mug warmer from your favorite online store or local box store. These products often come with a handy extended power cord and a simple on/off switch.

7. Fresh Plants

Some of the best WFH accessories do not come with cables or chargers. Instead, if you want to enhance the wellness of your remote office, buy at least one indoor plant. According to the human resources experts at CIPHR, having plants in your office can help to reduce stress and increase productivity. They can also help reduce illnesses and keep your room’s air clean. If you are searching for the best houseplants for your desk, you have many options available to you. Peace lilies are easy to grow and look beautiful in any room. Succulents offer a tranquil feel and require minimal upkeep. Other favorites among remote professionals include snake plants and arrowhead plants. Split-leaf philodendrons look tropical and lively. Corn plants and Madagascar dragon plants can add a fresh and exotic feel to your environment.

Creating Your Ideal Remote Workspace

When you WFH, you still need the same tools and comforts as any workplace. With the help of these accessories, you can create an office that suits you and your needs. Consider what you can improve about your remote workspace and then find the products and devices that make your life easier. With so many options for your room and desk, you are sure to find items that improve your professional life and your work-from-home experience.

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