6 Colors to Wear with Gold Jewelry

From Cuban link chains to signet rings, gold jewelry is a classic accessory to any look, whether you’re wearing a sharp suit to a wedding or chilling at a family barbecue in jeans and a t-shirt. However, if you want to show off your collection of gold pieces, you should combine them with the best colors that complement the undertones in the gold. Read on to discover which six shades work best with gold and pick up some tips on how to style your looks.

1.     Classic Black

Black and gold is a classic combination that will never go out of style. Black clothes and gold jewelry have many similarities; both are effortlessly chic, instantly dress up and outfit, look expensive, and always make a stylish statement.

Another reason that black is the ideal color to wear with your gold chain for men is that it creates a fantastic backdrop, making the jewelry stand out. Your favorite jewelry deserves to be shown off, particularly the pieces you’ve invested a lot of money in, and black clothing allows you to do just that.

Because gold jewelry, from elegant box chains to bold pinky rings, is so striking, it is all you need to accessorize an entirely black look. For formal occasions, forgo the white shirt and pair your black suit with a black one instead. All you need to spice up this sleek look is a gold neck chain and perhaps an earring or a gold Rolex for an extra touch of glamour.

Gold and black works just as well with casual looks. A simple black tee and jeans paired with a biker or bomber jacket and some sneakers is the ideal chilled outfit to wear with a nice gold bracelet or chain and pendant.

2.     Shades of Camel

Just like black, shades of camel, tan, beige, and sand are super chic, which is why they work so well with gold jewelry. This combination is much more muted, as there is not such a contrast between these hues as with darker colors, but that subtly reads as expensive.

These shades look particularly good as outerwear; think Crombie coats, trench coats, and knit sweaters. Create a warm, sophisticated color palette by sticking to these earthy tones and then add touches of gold jewelry, such as gold box chains, for sparkle. Because gold has a similar warm tone, it seems effortless and rich without drawing too much attention.

3.     Daring Red

Red and gold is a sexy combination that has a certain opulence that you just can’t get from any other shades. Some people are nervous that wearing red and gold together could appear too festive, but you needn’t worry, with the right pieces, your look will be all style, no Santa. If you’re looking for inspiration for mixing red and gold, look to military uniforms.

Although a head-to-toe red look can be super stylish and bold, it’s a difficult look to pull off. Instead, break up the red with other shades, such as black or tan. You can’t go wrong with a red jacket, black tee, and gold pendant. If bright red isn’t your thing, play around with different tones until you find something you love. Whether you choose garnet, brick, or crimson, adding gold’s warm undertones ensures that it is always a match.

4.     Luxurious Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are rich colors named after gems such as emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and ruby red. Given that these gems are often set in gold jewelry, it is no surprise that they look great with precious metals.

Jewel tones are deep and luxurious and appear expensive and sumptuous. They look particularly good in deluxe fabrics, such as silk and velvet. A great piece to get in a jewel tone is a silk or velvet bomber jacket. Adding a few pieces of exquisite gold jewelry completes the look perfectly.

In a similar way to black, these deep colors work as a fantastic backdrop for your gold pieces, making sure everyone notices your bling. Jewel tones are perfect for fall and winter looks and are a great alternative to black for people who aren’t into bright shades.

5.     Sporty Silver

You may have been told never to mix your metals, but it’s 2021 and rules are made to be broken. Layering metallic shades is chic and daring and a fantastic way for fashion-forward jewelry lovers to mix and match their favorite pieces.

An excellent way to dabble with metallic fashion is to experiment with athleisure. The performance fabrics typically used in sportswear and athleisure work well in metallic tones, such as silver, because they never look too glitzy.

Adding gold jewelry, such as a killer gold pendant or an oversized signet ring to a sporty look is quintessential athleisure. The mixing of sports garments like windbreakers, leggings, sweats, and sneakers with luxurious pieces of jewelry creates a cool street look that hip hop artists and sports stars have been rocking for decades. Incorporating metallics into the clothes themselves adds a contemporary twist that puts you bang on trend.

6.     Summery White

There’s nothing like a crisp white shirt or a plain white tee; it always looks clean, modern, and effortless. It’s also a wonderful backdrop for your gold jewelry. Although you can most certainly wear white all year round (forget the “no white after labor day rule,” it’s classist and outdated), it is more suited to the summer because it keeps you cool and looks fantastic against blue skies and tanned skin.

Add a touch of gold to an all white summer outfit, such as white chinos and a loose white shirt to create a sophisticated European look or bling up the white shirt you wear to work with a luxury gold watch or a classic gold Figaro chain and crucifix pendant.

Mix It Up

Gold jewelry is such a classic that ultimately it goes with every color. However, certain colors show it off better than others. The key to rocking gold with any color is to know what style of garment to go for, be it athleisure or a tailored suit. So, if you always stick to the same colors, now’s the time to step outside of the box and take your gold jewelry with you.  

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