10 eye makeup mistakes and how to correct them

10 eye makeup mistakes and how to correct them

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If not every day, we all like to use eye makeup from time to time. However, here are some things that may go wrong with the application and how to correct them.

1. Uneven eyeliner

The uneven lining looks very rough and most of us don’t have stable hands. We also tend to pull the eye area to make the application of the liner easier, which can change the way the skin around the eyes looks long-term. Place the mirror on the lower lever, try to look up and down with your chin, and apply eyeliner at the same time, and try to stop this habit of pulling the skin. If you use a gel liner, you can also use an oblique brush.

2. Use the wrong liner type at the wrong time

Sometimes we only use one liner to meet all our needs. You can try different eyeliner formulas at any time to get the ideal look. If you are late for work and you are not a professional applying liner, it is better to stick to a pencil instead of choosing a gel liner or a liquid liner.

3. Roll up eyelashes after applying eyeliner

Curling the eyelashes after using the eyeliner can remove the eyeliner closest to the eyelashes and leave gaps that look very ugly. Before applying the eyeliner, be sure to curl your eyelashes to avoid staining or wiping off the eyeliner.

4. Don’t use nude or white

The black or brown eyeliner on the upper lash line definitely looks good, but they can sometimes give a harsh line and appearance. Add beige or white eyeliner to your eye makeup routine to make the lower eye lash line a soft, makeup-free appearance. It can also be placed on the inner corner of the eye to accentuate your eyes. eye makeup remover

5. Do not use base

Most of us do not use the proper foundation or primer to make eye makeup. The primer prevents smudging of the eyeliner and makes it last longer. You can buy a separate eye primer, use a facial primer as an eye makeup base, and use a concealer as a base, or you can use a nude or beige pencil as the base of your eyeliner.

6. Don’t remember the weather

Weather plays a key role, because if it is not waterproof or long-lasting, factors such as sweat, humidity or rainfall can cause serious damage to the eyeliner. Try to use long-term waterproof formulas, which require minimal maintenance, and your eyeliner will look vigorous even at the end of the day. black eye makeup

7. Make the whole eye

The thick lines on the upper and lower lids can make your eyes look small and give you raccoon eyes. Try to draw lines on the outer part of the upper lash line and the outer waterline of the lower lash line. This looks natural, and it also makes the eyes look bigger and sultry.

8. Don’t know the difference between different types of eyeliner

Sometimes we tend to use a formula for weeks without remembering the appropriate occasion. If you are always in a hurry, the pencil liner is best for your daily use. You can also invest in kajal pencils of different colors to add some color to your eyes. Next is the gel lining, which is smooth and waterproof, which can help you achieve the thickness and various appearances you want. There are liquid eyeliners at the end, you need steady hands, but they are totally worth it because you can try a lot.

9. Cover to the outside of the boat with a lid

Most pencil liners or kajals tend to smear around the waterline. If we enter the bottom plate with the bottom cover, then we will end up seeing eye smudges and black circles that look similar. First use a good long-lasting formula. You can also use light colored pencils to define your eyes. Lighter shades look more natural and will also make you look more awake.

10. Freehand

Don’t do your cat eyes and eyeliner in vain. They will certainly look uneven or shaken. We all know the tricks of using tape or business cards as a guide, but most people don’t really use it. If you are a professional applying eyeliner, then please continue to use any look you want, but if you are a beginner and are trying cat’s eye, then there is no harm in trying to use tape as a guide or even look like wings.

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