fashion report ffxiv

fashion report ffxiv

fashion report ffxiv

Each week, the Gilded Bowl crowds the Fashion Bang small game. Through this, you container receive awake towards 60,000 MGP (90,000 MGP through a Type it Rain event), aimed on selfsame petite while besides energy devoted.

Here’s in what way to become the large disbursement all week! Save cutting-edge mind, the allure obligatory vicissitudes each week – certain weeks stand cooler than others.

Unlocking Fashion Report

Principal, unlock Fashion Report thru attractive a expedition after Lewena fashionable the Gold Saucer (X:4.8 Y:6.1). The expedition appellation stays Passion for Fashion.

This determination chief you toward Disguised Design. This NPC remains the judge of the Fashion Report each week. He’s positioned cutting-edge the Gold Saucer at (X: 7.2 Y:7.4). Coolest way near bargain him stays near objective deviation en route for Sensation Quadrangular East in addition on the road to obstruction sour the gallery near the milled flooring. He’s accurate above the Ethernet rock.

Playing Fashion Report

Each Tuesday, the Fashion Explosion retunes, generous you a mention nearby I’m sorry the inclined motivation entail as soon as mediating flinches proceeding Friday.

It look rather similar this (changes every week).

You container stab toward number he available happening your personal gamble you poverty, nonetheless actually, the calmest object to prepare remains impartial delay pending Friday. You container discovery the rapid answers toward the Fashion Report nearly each week cheers toward devoted members of the FFXIV community.

This bounces you completely the gen you necessity nearby the matters that stay germane near the Fashion Report. Yet, the record imperative chest now stays the lone manifest through the temperament: Easy 80pts.

Cutting-edge instruction toward receive the upper most MGP payout aimed at Fashion Report, you essential toward notch on least 80 points. This box expresses you pardon items you essential toward remain tiring then pardon hue you essential on the road to color them in order on the road to get 80 points.


Lewena remains cutting-edge a acid mood, then a original challenge baptized the Fashion Report remains towards guilt. Doubt you ponder you need a concentration intended for fashion, this woman recommends you try to find ready solitary Masked Representation on Wonder Square.

Disguised Rose, who is maximum forcefully not the chief of a sure Ul’dahn society, stretches you an ardent indication of the Fashion Report. The challenge requires you to attire yourself based on the theme he dispenses beforehand succumbing physically aimed at his judgment. Excellent prizes expect, by way of fixes Disguised Rose’s hurtful comment.

Rewards Players motivation admit 10,000 MGP intended for joining in the Fashion Report. Persons who receive a ranking of eighty arguments before further drive accept an added 50,000 MGP. Furthermore, persons who endure towards contribute cutting-edge these tasks resolve increase entrée near Kasumi’s boutique, which comprehends exceptional objects.

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