Top Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Migraine Triggers

Top Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Migraine Triggers

How you live, what you eat, and your sleep schedule directly impacts how frequently you experience headaches. Awareness of the environmental and lifestyle factors that trigger your headaches and keeping them at bay can save you from experiencing a pounding, hurting headache. It can at least lower the frequency and intensity.

But, how do you find out what triggers a headache in you? Maintaining a headache journal can help you connect the dots between the activities and the headaches.

Here, in this article, we will discuss with you some tips to prevent migraine headaches. So, let us get started and address them one by one. 

Get proper rest

‘A headache is often indicative of the fact that your body needs some rest,’ comments June, an online reviewer who did the best crankbait reels review. 

 All of us lead busy lives and hate taking a break. However, if you simply consider the trade-off of spending only 10-minutes lying down on your bed with your eyes shut anytime you feel a headache forming, you can avoid a headache.

Trust us when we say this; it can be a much better use of time than feeling debilitated when headaches aggravate. To prevent a migraine headache from developing into a severe thumping pain, lie down for a bit in a well-ventilated, quiet, and darkroom.

Then, if possible, go to sleep for 30-60 minutes. 

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Cut down on your caffeine intake

Excessive consumption of any food and beverages can result in a migraine attack. For example, while you are on the go or while you are in the middle of a long stressful project or homework, a cup of tea or coffee might go from three to four, sometimes even more.

This overconsumption of caffeine can be a cause of headaches. Thus, curtail your caffeine consumption, and you can avoid a migraine attack. 

Keep a check on your stress levels

‘Migraines and headaches are often induced by stress. So, if you are susceptible to migraine attacks, you must, you must consciously make an effort to keep your stress levels in check,’ advises Ramen, an online reviewer who did the best trimmer for balls review. 

Well, you must know not only the proper technique to handle stress but also the right way to avoid feeling stressed. This can significantly lower the severity and the frequency of headaches and migraines. 

However, at times, a distraction like reading a good book or watching your favourite show might not be enough. Instead, you need to take it a step further and consciously make a lifestyle change to keep your stress levels in check.

For this, engage in meditation exercises and perform deep breathing. These things can help lower your stress levels significantly. 

Stabilize the hormone levels

Generally speaking, women are three-hundred percent more likely to develop a migraine attack compared to men. Approximately three-fourths of the women experience migraine attacks when they are on their menstrual period.

This is known as menstrual migraine. It majorly occurs as an outcome of change in the progesterone and estrogen levels. To overcome the headaches and migraine attacks arising from changes in hormone levels, you must bring in changes in your lifestyle and diet.

In addition to it, you can also adopt certain birth control methods to keep your hormone levels in check and prevent further migraine attacks. Finally, to ensure that you meet a gynaecologist to get yourself the right treatment plan. 

Get adequate sleep

‘Getting too much or too little sleep can result in a migraine attack or cause you a headache. Thus, to avoid symptom flare-ups, you must make a conscious effort to have a fixed sleep schedule. It implies that your wake up and sleeping time should be same throughout, regardless of whether you are on vacation or if it is the weekend,’ comments Janet, an online reviewer who did thebest Kohler toilet review. 

Also, stay away from the screen for at least an hour before bedtime. Instead, you can listen to some calming music, take a warm water bath, or read a book. Also, watch what you eat and drink before going to sleep—consuming heavy meals before bedtime or engaging in intense workouts before sleep can be a massive intervention to your sleep schedule. So, keep away from that strictly. 

If you do not feel rested, regardless of a proper good night’s sleep, you must speak to your doctor and get appropriate consultation.

Keep yourself hydrated

Dehydrations, too, might result in a migraine flare-up or trigger a headache. So, if you tend to forget drinking water, download an application that can remind you to drink water. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep your migraine symptoms in check. 

Be careful with what’s on your plate.

‘Chocolate and red wine tend to trigger a migraine attack in me. So, I curtail their consumption as much as possible,’ shares Julie, an educator who takes InDesign classes online.

Well, yes, there are a couple of drinks and foods, which can cause a migraine attack. These include foods such as processed meats, red wine, chocolate, cheese, and artificial sweeteners. 

Maintain a food journal to know which foods can trigger a headache in you and make a conscious effort to limit their consumption or simply keep them out of your diet. Beverages and foods with alcohol and caffeine are the most prevalent migraine triggers.

Avoid bright lights and loud noises

Flashing lights, loud noises, and sensory stimulation are key migraine triggers and could be a reason for headaches in you. Unfortunately, in most cases, these triggers are inevitable. However, the acknowledgment that these occur in certain situations is the first step towards making an effort to avoid them. These are common in crowded pubs or parties, movie theatres, and many other places.

To prevent this, you must take regular breaks from computer or TV screen, and give adequate rest to your eyes. This will ensure that you get ample time to adapt to the brightness on the digital screen. Further, be attentive to the audio and visual disturbances, and if they trigger a migraine attack in you, avoid them.

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