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Which one is more suitable for household solar lights?

Which one is more suitable for household solar lights?

First of all, we need to know where to install it, whether it is installed on the balcony or on the wall at the door, and the basic conditions such as how high to install and the orientation of the solar panels are also clear. This way we can have a better choice.

Household solar lights have two structures, one is split and the other is integrated. The split type is that the solar panel and the lamp holder are separated by a wire. The advantage of this structure is that the solar panel can be installed in any position at will, which can more effectively use the sun to charge the battery. But the best orientation of the solar panels is towards the south, so that the light will last longer and the lights will last longer.

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The one-piece type does not have such a function. The solar panel is at the position where the lamp is installed, and the angle can only be adjusted but the orientation cannot be changed. It may only be one morning or one afternoon in a day, which leads many people to reflect that the lights are on for a short time at night.

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After confirming the structure, we can find the style we like in the next step. There are many styles of solar lights for home use, and some have different functions. For example, our structural style is different from the ordinary ones on the market. The very popular one sold recently can be installed in the courtyard or indoors by changing the installation method. The use effect is different and it is very popular among users.

In addition to the structure, we must also have a certain understanding of the performance when selecting household solar lights. Regarding performance, users need to make judgments based on their own cognition and analysis capabilities of the product. We have also posted some professional articles before. Through the above brief introduction, I hope everyone has a new understanding of choosing solar lights for home use.

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