Cleansing Your Skin

How Cleansing Your Skin Can Improve Your Health

The skin is the body’s first layer of protection. The first reflection that something is wrong with us is shown in how the skin looks. It could be due to excess stress, poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, or emotions difficult to control. The skin is the largest organ, encompassing the face and the body, with fundamental functions; regulates body temperature, recognizes pathogens to defend against them, eliminates toxins, repairs itself, is sensitive to touch, and pain. However, there is one factor that influences it. According to a Dermatologist Huntsville AL located, it is in your power to change it by facial cleansing.

Maintaining Balance

What does the skin need to maintain its balance? Like our bodies, the skin needs to BREATHE; inspire oxygen, water, and minerals from the outside, and expel internal toxins, through the pores. These are pores that can become clogged with the daily aggression of external agents, both physical and chemical, present in the environment such as cold, heat, and air and one of the most damaging and, unfortunately, increasingly frequent factors is pollution.

Protecting the Skin

To protect against all the harmful effects that affect the skin (external and internal), the care choice should be cleansing the face. This conscious gesture is gaining more and more important since it is the first step to making you look beautiful and healthy. With cleaning, we allow the skin to be in constant regulation, repair and maintain its functions and preserve its balance, even more so if we intensify with a weekly deep cleaning of the face or every two weeks. Remember that your skin is a mirror to what is going on in your body and so you need to do what it takes to protect it.


In conclusion, to choose a good skincare product to give the skin a good cleansing treatment, it is recommended that you use products based on plant ingredients, which do not contain parabens, silicones, and aggressive detergents. They are not necessary, nor are they healthy for the skin. However, to choose the best products for the skin, you have to take into account the type of skin you have, the season of the year, the climate of the place where you live, and all the factors that will make your skin condition change to become healthier. Do not be afraid to try and combine treatments (as long as they suit you). In addition, do not forget that cleansing, toning, and hydration always go hand in hand, and on a weekly basis, cleansing is intensified with specific scrubs and masks.

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