Bad Grades

Overcoming Bad Grades

Tutoring allows children to receive the one-on-one attention that busy teachers cannot provide. Tutoring will give your child the boost they need to succeed, from simple homework help to intensive work on fundamental skills.

Being forced to confront the truth.

As he lay in bed on Monday morning, Adam was complaining of yet another stomach-ache. A once-enjoyed student was now trying to avoid school at all costs. He kept his test papers hidden and made-up homework assignments. When his mother, Linda, inquired about school, Adam changed the subject or stormed off to his bed. She initially mistook it for a pre-adolescent period, but when she saw his report card, she realised there was a bigger issue.

Linda set up a meeting with Adam’s instructor to get a better understanding of the situation. Adam was working hard in class but did not seem to understand what was being taught, according to Mr. Edwards. He suggested that Adam find a mentor who could help him catch up one-on-one.

Linda initially dismissed the interpretation. Adam was an intelligent young man who had already achieved academic success. She thought it was the fault of the instructor. Since she knew Adam would be in Mr. Edwards’ class for the whole year, she decided to do anything to help him succeed.

According to Rebecca Stevens, an experienced teacher in Anchorage, Alaska, many parents are reluctant to accept their children need extra help. “However, tutoring does not have a negative connotation,” she says. She continues by stating that while all children learn in different ways, large class sizes make it difficult for teachers to tailor lessons to each student. In this case, a mentor would come in handy. “Tutoring should be thought of as a constructive measure that parents can use to help their children,” McCoy says.

Sandy Fleming, a Michigan tutor with more than 20 years of experience, recommends seeking help as soon as you encounter academic difficulty. She argues that it should not be solely dependent on grades. “If parents are worried that their child isn’t making enough progress or something isn’t quite right, they should consider hiring a tutor.” Early diagnosis and treatment of the issue would have a significant impact on your child’s self-esteem and academic success.

What should I do first?

Linda decided that Adam would benefit from extra help, but she had no idea where to look or what to look for in a tutor. Mr. Edwards was her go-to guy for advice. He clarified that tutors could help with anything from basic homework help to intensive remediation*, and Adam needed something in the middle. He gave her a list of tutors with whom he had previously worked and recommended that she begin there.

According to one teacher one of the simplest ways to find a mentor is to ask the child’s teacher for suggestions. “If the teacher is acquainted with the coach, they will be more likely to work together as a team,” he says. And the most successful way to achieve success is to combine home and education.

A fresh perspective on education

Linda reached out to a couple of the tutors on the list and found one that she thought would be a good match for Adam. After an informal interview with the tutor, she and Adam decided to hire him. Linda, on the other hand, was worried that the after-school tutoring sessions would over-school Adam. She was worried that if he still hated school, the extra learning time would intensify the problem.

On the other hand, Fleming is unconcerned. She argues that tutoring is not the same as what a student gets in school. Tutors, according to Fleming, provide individualised attention tailored to a child’s learning style, and many tutors aim to make sessions “interesting enough that the students really want to be there.” Games and entertainment demonstrate to the student that learning can be fun. Positive tutoring will help a child understand the curriculum, improve their grades, and develop a positive attitude toward school.

On the path to success finding a tutor in Calgary

After just a few sessions, Linda realised she had made the right decision in hiring a tutor for Adam. To get out of class, he stopped pretending to be sick. He started doing his homework. He showed his teacher his exams and suggested topics on which they should collaborate. While his grades did not improve immediately, his attitude did.

Adam will need several months of tutoring to catch up to his classmates, but Linda now realises that the effort will be well worth it.

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