When to drink apple cider vinegar for weight loss

When to drink apple cider vinegar for weight loss

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Is apple cider vinegar good for weight loss? when to drink apple cider vinegar for weight loss? In this blog, we will answer these questions. Can you lose weight with apple cider vinegar? Many stories are circulating about the wonderful effect of apple cider vinegar.

You may have heard them say that if you take apple cider vinegar, you could lose more weight. Now you probably wonder if any of this is true.

Apple cider vinegar appears to have a special composition, which can indeed contribute to healthy weight loss.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Fresh apples are used to make apple cider vinegar and let them ferment (just like wine). The sugars from the apples are converted into alcohol during that process. Where with wine the process is finished, it continues with apple cider vinegar. Air is added to the wine, which initiates a second fermentation (fermentation) and that causes apple cider vinegar to form.

You can use apple cider vinegar in many ways

Apple cider vinegar can be used in several ways. It has been used as a preservative for a long time to preserve food for a long time. It also acts as a cleaning agent and can promote health. Apple cider vinegar has an anti-septic effect and helps to balance the PH value of your body.

Its health is also due to the amount of vitamins and minerals it contains: vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6 and E. And the minerals potassium, iron and zinc. Furthermore, apple cider vinegar contains large amounts of acetic acid, which causes the sour taste.

You can choose from clear and cloudy apple cider vinegar

There are two types of apple cider vinegar available: the cloudy and the clear. The clear apple cider vinegar has been filtered and processed and you will find it most in the supermarket. When apple cider vinegar is filtered, all fibers and particles are removed and thus also the valuable nutrients. Filtering is not actually necessary, but is only done because people prefer a clear liquid. However, the cloudy one is healthier, because it still contains most of the active ingredients. If you want to lose weight with apple cider vinegar, it is best to buy unprocessed, cloudy apple cider vinegar.

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Apple cider vinegar and your health

You can take apple cider vinegar daily to maintain your health. It helps fight bacteria, keeps the heart and blood vessels healthy and prevents stomach and intestinal problems.

Bactericidal effect

Apple cider vinegar can be used to preserve food as it can stunt the growth of bacteria such as E.coli. However, you can also use it to prevent smelly feet or bad breath, for example. It is bacteria that cause the nuisance and apple cider vinegar can help fight it. Do you have a sore throat or a bacterial infection? Take apple cider vinegar to get rid of it faster.

Support of the heart and blood vessels

Apple cider vinegar can help keep your heart and blood vessels healthy. This is because it lowers cholesterol. Research has also shown that the acid helps to keep blood pressure low, which is important to prevent heart problems.

Remedy stomach and intestinal complaints

Since apple cider vinegar can prevent bacterial growth, it helps to prevent intestinal infections. Apple cider vinegar also contains pectin and this substance is good for reducing intestinal cramps. If you suffer from heartburn, you can take a little apple cider vinegar. It also helps with constipation, a tablespoon or a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar before meals can help prevent constipation.

More energy

Apple cider vinegar can act as a kind of energy drink. The amino acids it contains ensure that less lactic acid builds up in your muscles. Lactic acid is the substance that is produced in your muscles during exercise and that causes muscle pain. If you take apple cider vinegar, it will reduce your discomfort and make you feel more energetic afterwards.

How does apple cider vinegar help with weight loss?

If you take regular apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight without dieting . This is due to the various substances it contains, which have a positive effect on digestion and blood sugar.

This allows you to lose weight with apple cider vinegar:

1. Faster digestion

Apple cider vinegar makes your digestion (also called metabolism) faster when you are at rest. In concrete terms, this means that the process by which your body converts food into energy or fat is faster. When your body has a higher metabolism, fat is burned faster. To stimulate this, it is good to take apple cider vinegar before your meal.

2. Less hunger

The dietary fiber pectin is contained in apple cider vinegar. This natural fiber expands in your stomach and intestines and therefore ensures a full feeling. As a result, your hunger feeling is suppressed. If you are less hungry, you will automatically eat less and thus consume fewer calories. This is one of the reasons that apple cider vinegar actually aids in weight loss.

3. Blood sugar remains stable

By taking apple cider vinegar you can prevent fluctuations in blood sugar. Between meals, apple cider vinegar helps keep your blood sugar levels stable. This also ensures that you are less hungry and have less appetite for snacks.

Several studies show that apple cider vinegar can actually be a great help if you want to lose weight. You will not lose weight very fast , but can accelerate the process, especially when combined with a healthy diet. By using apple cider vinegar you burn body fat faster and get rid of fat around your waist.

A study with apple cider vinegar has been done in Japan, which showed this. 175 overweight people were divided into three groups.

Each group was given a drink containing a different amount of apple cider vinegar every day.

  • Group 1: received 30 ml of apple cider vinegar
  • Group 2: received 15 ml of apple cider vinegar
  • Group 3 : did not receive apple cider vinegar

The study lasted 12 weeks and they were given this drink every day. After 12 weeks the results were measured. The people in groups 1 and 2 had clearly lost weight and had a healthier BMI and smaller waist circumference . In group 1 the result was the largest, they had lost 1.7 kilos of weight.

How to best use apple cider vinegar

If you want to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss, you have several ways to apply it. It is quite sour, not everyone likes the taste. That is why it is best to find a way that you like.

  1. You can use it in salads, combine it with olive oil or garlic
  2. Marinate your meat or fish with apple cider vinegar and possibly honey
  3. Drink a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar before eating

4 tips on how to best use apple cider vinegar:

  1. Get used to the sour taste: Get used to the sour taste and let your body get used to it. You can start with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water once a day and switch to 2 times a day after a few days. Take a little more apple cider vinegar each time, until you are at 2 tablespoons at a time in a 200 ml glass of water. Don’t forget to take this an hour before eating so that you get the most out of it.
  2. Use unprocessed apple cider vinegar: Use the cloudy, unprocessed apple cider vinegar for best results.
  3. Use something for the sour taste: Since the taste is very sour, you can tolerate it better in warm or lukewarm water. Add some honey to counteract the sourness.
  4. Rinse your mouth afterwards: Because apple cider vinegar is so acidic, it can damage your tooth enamel. So rinse your mouth with water afterwards, if you have taken it.

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