what is the best protein powder for weight loss

What is the best protein powder for weight loss

Today, protein shakes are an integral part of the diet of not only professional athletes, but also many adherents of a healthy lifestyle, as well as people seeking to get rid of extra pounds. In this blog, we will discuss about what is the best protein powder for weight loss?

Among those who lose weight, it is believed that protein helps in the process of losing weight. Is this so, we will tell in this article.

How does weight loss work?

A person loses weight, regardless of physical activity, if his diet is formulated with a calorie deficit in mind. You can lie on the couch all day and lose weight if at the same time you eat fewer calories than your body spends.

If your goal is a beautiful, slim and fit body, then diet alone is not enough. It is necessary to exercise regularly and include more protein in the diet. Exercise and protein will help preserve muscle while you lose weight, but also get rid of body fat.

Should you drink protein for weight loss?

By itself, the protein does not help to lose weight. That is, it does not burn fat and causes the body to get rid of it. However, a large quantity of protein in the diet leads to the weight loss due to the fact that:

  • decreased appetite, so long as the protein gives a feeling of satiety;
  • muscle mass is preserved, and weight loss is carried out mainly due to fat loss;
  • energy consumption for protein breakdown increases.

It is possible to consume protein powder without sports and training, but in this case, the process of losing weight will be slow and only if there is a calorie deficit. If you add regular exercise to a properly selected diet, the result will not be long in coming.

What is the best protein powder for weight loss?

The modern sports nutrition market offers a large number of protein powder shakes that contain different types of protein. Mainly:

  • Whey protein – a protein derived from the whey. If swallowed, it splits for 30-60 minutes, so it is called fast protein. Whey protein shakes are usually drunk right after exercise to quickly replenish amino acid deficiencies and restore muscle.
  • Casein protein is a complex protein formed when milk is curdled. In terms of its amino acid composition, it can be compared to cottage cheese. It is broken down in the body within 4-6 hours, due to which there is a gradual release of amino acids. Provides muscles with nutrients and gives a feeling of fullness for a long time.
  • Egg protein – egg protein. It has an optimal amino acid composition and a high degree of digestibility. It splits a little slower than whey – 2-3 hours. Does not contain lactose and other substances typical for milk proteins (casein and whey), therefore it is suitable for people with intolerance to dairy products.
  • Soy protein – the most popular plant protein – is a good substitute for animal protein and is suitable for people with lactose intolerance and vegetarians. Refers to slow proteins and is broken down in the body within 4 hours, but in terms of amino acid composition it is inferior to whey and casein protein. In addition, soy protein can cause digestive problems.

Studies and experience of athletes have shown that whey and casein proteins are the most effective for weight loss. However, casein is best taken at night or as a substitute for dinner, and whey is most beneficial after exercise.

How To Take Protein For Weight Loss?

In order to understand how to properly drink protein for weight loss, you need to calculate your daily requirement for KBZhU. An adult, both a girl and a man, with average physical activity needs at least 2 g of protein per 1 kg of weight. And for people who want not only to lose weight, but also to build muscle mass, it is recommended to consume 3-4 g of protein per 1 kg of weight.

For example, a person weighing 80 kg needs 160 g of protein per day. Calculate how much protein you consume with your regular food. Usually, this is no more than 100 g. Replenish the missing part with several servings of a protein shake.

Sports supplements can be drunk not only at night and after training, but also replace or supplement any meal with them.

Expert opinion

Should you drink protein for weight loss? Our opinion is yes! After all, this will not only help preserve muscles, but also make your daily diet tastier, and also make up for the lack of protein, which means it will help to avoid overeating, which often occurs with an unbalanced diet. In addition, a large number of flavors in protein shakes will diversify the menu and help you not to fall for unhealthy sweets and desserts. And an evening portion of casein will relieve you of the “night dojoor”.

Start exercising regularly and include a WHEY or  MICELLAR CASEIN protein shake  in your diet  , and within a few weeks, you will notice an energy boost, muscle tone and a decrease in body size.

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