7 Simple Ways to Lose Weight at Home

7 Simple Ways to Lose Weight at Home

“What do I have to eat to lose weight ?” It may be the most frequently asked question in our responses. Not surprising, because there is so much information to be found about nutrition to lose weight that you quickly lose your way … Fortunately, it really doesn’t have to be complicated! In this blog we briefly discuss 7 Simple Ways to Lose Weight at Home.  Stick to our 7 simple guidelines and you are already well on your way!

What is diet for weight loss?

Let’s start with one important point: there is no one food product that is guaranteed to help you lose weight. Your weight does not depend on specific products, but on the number of calories that you consume in total. If that is too much, you will gain weight; if it is lower than your consumption, you will lose weight.

The best food for weight loss is food that helps you not to overeat. Food that is filling and does not provide too many calories . This makes it easier to maintain a calorie deficit and so you can lose weight. What should I eat to lose weight?

7 Simple Ways to Lose Weight at Home

1. Vegetable

The first guideline: more vegetables is actually always better. Vegetables have a number of great advantages. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals , it provides very few calories, and thanks to the many fibers it is quite filling. Together, these vegetables make the ideal diet food.

Of course that does not mean that you can only eat vegetables. In fact, you also really need your nutrients from carbohydrates , proteins and fats . However, we recommend that you eat some vegetables with as many meals as possible . And if you would like to brag a second time at dinner, then take extra vegetables!

2. Whole grain products

Fiber makes you feel full for longer after a meal. This will help you reduce the total number of calories you eat. In addition, fiber is essential for the health of your intestines and intestinal flora . Yet few Dutch people get enough of it!

Vegetables provide a lot of fiber, but there is more you can do. A very important step is to choose whole meal products as much as possible. Whole grain bread , wraps and crackers , whole meal pasta , brown rice … Those whole meal variants are more filling and reduce your after-dinner dip. This also means that you have less appetite for sweet snacks after dinner.

3. (Lean) proteins

Protein has several benefits, all of which help with fat loss . They activate enzymes that make you feel full. That way you eat less quickly and it becomes easier to maintain that calorie deficit. In addition, you burn more calories when digesting protein than, for example, when digesting carbohydrates.

A final advantage is that proteins help you build muscle tissue. Because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, it speeds up your metabolism . In other words, you burn more calories throughout the day, even at rest. Protein- rich food is therefore very good food for weight loss. It is helpful if most of your protein is lean protein , as it provides fewer calories. Consider, for example, white meat, pure lean , lean fish , eggs , legumes and soy . Those whole grains also provide quite a bit of protein.

4. Healthy fats

Fats as food for weight loss? Hell yes! Just like fiber and proteins, fats also ensure a satiated feeling after a meal. In addition, you need healthy fats to keep your brain healthy, to absorb nutrients and to produce hormones . It is wise not to eat too many fats. They also provide a relatively large number of calories.

Healthy fats are for example in nuts, vegetable oil and fatty fish. The daily handful of nuts also provides healthy fats. It is better to eat other fats in moderation, especially the fats in animal products such as meat and dairy.

5. Raw food

And whether you eat protein or carbohydrates, the following applies to everything: prefer products that have been processed as little as possible. It usually applies that all kinds of unhealthy extra ingredients are often added during operations. These are often unhealthy fats, which provide unnecessary calories, or sugars , which increase appetite.

So: don’t buy breaded chicken, just a plain chicken fillet. No roasted and salted nuts, but the natural version. No potatoes with a herb coating, but simple potatoes that you season yourself.

Of course you cannot make everything yourself. Most people do not have time to bake their own bread and make their cheese … Even then, you can make sure that you choose products that have been tampered with as little as possible.

6. Water

Water may not be technically a food, but weight loss is essential. First of all, that is of course because you simply cannot stay healthy if you drink too little. Water is essential for properly functioning organs.

In addition, you often also get more hungry when you are dehydrated. First, your body can misinterpret thirst as cravings. And that means that the danger of snacking is greater. In addition, you often feel tired and moody when you have drunk too little. This is disastrous for people who eat out of emotion, or who eat when they have an energy dip. So stay hydrated!

7. What you like!

After all, the best foods for weight loss are… whatever you like! This may seem a bit counterintuitive? Most diets let you eat products that are not that tasty at all?

Indeed – and that’s the problem. If you have to force yourself to eat that handful of walnuts every day , the chances are slim that you will last. And that’s a shame, because you really don’t really need those walnuts! It’s about getting the right nutrients. But where you get it, your body really doesn’t matter.

In short: do you not like walnuts? Then get your healthy fats from somewhere else. Not a fan of certain vegetables? There is plenty of choice, you don’t necessarily have to eat broccoli … So make sure you eat healthy, but only do that with the products you want to eat. That makes dieting a lot more fun.

The right diet for weight loss In short: what should you eat to lose weight? Actually, there are no specific products that you really need. What matters is that you find a diet that largely meets the above points. If that succeeds, you will see that you ‘automatically’ consume a lot less calories!

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