7 Fashion Styles for You to Choose

7 Fashion Styles for You to Choose

These days fashion is ever-changing, and people often dress for comfort. But, it’s still important for many to follow a certain style, or create a style that makes them stand out in the crowd. There are a few fashion styles that have been followed and loved throughout the ages. Today, we will explore seven fashion styles which you can choose:

Sophisticated fashion style:

A sophisticated style means that everything should be of high quality. That’s why it is a style suited to people from the high class. People who follow the sophisticated style want everything to be perfect even if it’s expensive. They search for styles that look highly polished, relevant, and cultured. They buy luxurious clothes and accessories even if it’s worth it. Children’s earrings are among the first expressions of personality—a true gift to treasure.

Chic fashion style:

Chic style is everything trending and modern. It is a smart look that makes one look classy and elegant, as well as neat. Strong colors like maroon, navy blue, bottle green, and different shades of brown and grey bring this look to life. It is a casual style that still manages to look sober and sophisticated. This look is often accompanied by neutral makeup and darker lipstick, and accessories like animal print handbags, and high heels.

Vintage fashion style:

Although people normally adhere to the modern style these days, there are still vintage lovers out there.  This style advocates bell-bottoms, exaggerated collars, wide headbands, and huge puffs. Pleats and frills accentuate this style, and bright colors are preferred over pastels. This look is a culmination of styles from the 1920s to the 1990s, and people still love this style and dress it up to look unique.

Creative fashion style:

In this style, one is free to choose and wear whatever they want. Everyone has the liberty to select the type of clothes, shoes, and accessories which suit their style. People in this style often hate to follow the trend, wear what everyone else is wearing. Rather, they create their own look. That’s why it is a highly individual style. People in this style experiment a lot with different colors, textures, and details. But they also make sure that their clothes bring comfort to them with style. They accessorize their clothes with many eccentric handbags, shoes, and jewelry. And, they also love to wear exaggerated makeup, which makes them look unique. Innovation and creativity run in their blood.

Preppy fashion style:

The preppy style is defined by a geeky look. Large glasses and cute headbands look good in this style. Also, frilled blouses and collared shirts, with checkered and striped motifs complete the look. A-line skirts and straight trousers add more style, and cross-body handbags give a more refreshing tinge to the preppy style.

Rocker fashion style:

Rocker style consists of skin-tight ripped jeans, leather jackets, and vintage-looking shirts. These are accompanied by dyed hair, lots of jewelry, and piercings. Also, heavy makeup, particularly Smokey eye shadow is an important accessory to complete the look. Huge, chunky boots mostly accompany the clothes. Rocker style clothes are usually a bit smaller in size and stick to the skin. They also contain loads of silver studs. This look is often inspired by the rock bands trending during that time. But it highly depends on the wearer and what kind of music they adore.

Romantic fashion style:

This style is defined by femininity and gentleness. Floral prints, pastel colors and neutrals, and mostly the color pink dominate this style. Dresses and skirts with flair, frills, embroidery, and pleats are used intricately to give definition and beauty to this style. Short heels, pumps, and delicate sandals make this look more beautiful. Light makeup, and no or small accessories complete the overall look of the romantic style.


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