Fall Styles 

A Men’s Guide to Transitioning into Fall Styles 

Summer is a relaxed time for men’s fashion, but soon it’ll be time to upgrade your style! This men’s guide has you covered when you’re ready to update your look for fall. Get the latest tips for transitioning into men’s fall clothing and accessories. Discover layers for cooler weather and the on-trend extras to add to your closet like bluelight readers and hats. With a few new additions, you’ll have what you need to feel confident and comfortable all season.

Check Your Clothing Colors 

Pastels and shades of white are a man’s go-to colors for summer. During fall, men’s fashion changes to a more classic vibe. The transition from summer to fall is about rich earth tones and darker neutrals. Swap out V-neck white tees with crew necks in colors like sand or ivory. Tan and heather gray shirts match well with brown or sage green pants. Some of the best fall colors for men’s chinos and cotton long sleeves include sienna and navy. A sample of the more unique fall colors for men’s fashion include:

  • Slate gray
  • Soft blue
  • Dark olive
  • Maroon
  • Moss green
  • Ocher
  • Goldenrod

Try chocolate-colored denim jeans and jackets. Clay and khaki make a classic combination for fall. If you need more inspiration, you can’t go wrong with colors like forest green or dark orange.

Wear Lightweight Layers 

When fall first starts, you don’t need to wear the heaviest coats and jackets. Lightweight layers look stylish and won’t make you sweat. T-shirts and long sleeves pair well with denim jackets and vests.

Save leather jackets and puffer coats for mid-autumn. In early fall, you’re better off with hoodies and field jackets. Black and gray hoodies look crisp and stylish with a pair of denim jeans and high-top sneakers in a neutral color.

A green or navy field jacket is classic with gray or brown straight-leg pants and an oatmeal or cream-colored crew neck. Include brown sneakers or chukka boots for an autumnal look. Some more of the best fall layers for men include:

  • Chore coat
  • Shirt jacket
  • Trucker jacket
  • Bomber jacket
  • Blazer
  • Button-down shirt
  • Henley shirt 
  • Flannel shirt
  • Overshirt
  • Band collar shirt
  • Hooded vest

Try cotton tees and lighter long sleeves with lightweight vests and overshirts. Later, thermal long sleeves and flannels will layer well with stylish bomber jackets and thicker coats. The key to staying stylish with layers is to avoid wearing a single color. Instead, choose shades of neutral hues and earth tones to create dynamic layers.

Add Stylish Fall Accessories 

Now it’s time to switch out summer’s best accessories for the hottest fall looks. There are many ways to enhance men’s fashion and keep your look comfortable. Think about the accessories you must wear like polarized sunglasses or blue light readers for the office. Watches and a good bag will keep you going all season. Besides, every guy needs belts and a stylish watch or bracelet. Some of our favorite fall accessories to style include:

Fall Sunglasses for Men

It’s time to discontinue brightly colored sunglasses for women and surfer-inspired looks for men. When fall rolls around, everyone switches to classically inspired designs and earthy colors. This fall, you can discover vintage aviator designs in autumn-approved hues.

Black and tortoise sunglasses offer a cool and relaxed look. Men’s sunglasses create the perfect fall fit with camel slim-fit pants and a brown shirt. If you’re looking for something new and fresh, try round-shaped sunglasses in shades of amber with gold accents and brown gradient lenses.

Blue Light Readers & Reading Glasses

The best reading glasses for women and men also make a change for the fall season. Do you wear blue light glasses or readers at the office? Stay stylish with neutrals and earth tones that go with everything. We liked bright orange and light blue for men’s summer eyewear, but now it’s time for signature fall colors like tan and brown. Square eyeglasses made with eco-friendly materials and a lightweight design will look stylish enough for fall while keeping things breezy at the office. More of our favorite fall colors for men’s reading glasses include:

  • Green camo
  • Navy
  • Dark red
  • Tokyo tortoise
  • Gray horn

Fall Hats & Caps

Hats and caps add warmth and texture. They’ll keep you comfortable while it’s cooler outside while adding to your outfit. We recommend putting away the trucker hats and baseball caps (some of our favorite summertime essentials). These lightweight looks don’t mesh well with thicker fall fabrics such as corduroy and flannel.

Replace casual summer hats with autumnal favorites like beanies and newsboy hats. Flat caps and cowboy hats look stylish with organic cotton hoodies and warm jackets. If you’re going to go for a fedora or safari hat, make sure it’s made with wool and felt. This style pairs better with cardigans or denim jackets than summertime styles like straw or cotton.

Men’s Watches & Jewelry

Watch faces and bands for fall should match your clothing colors — think navy blue and light brown. Leather and faux leather are two of the most popular band styles for autumn, but you can also go with rich gold or strong stainless steel. Red and orange watches offer an eye-catching pop of color to complement button-downs and flannels. 

Find wooden beads and faux leather bracelets to go with your watch. They’re so stylish that you can stack them or wear them alone. Chain necklaces and link bracelets made with wood and stainless steel are rugged enough for fall pants and jackets. More on-trend colors and materials include bronze and stones like onyx or tiger’s eye.

Shift into a Stylish Fall Look for Men

Summer fashion is easy, but fall is when you can showcase your style. Some of the best men’s clothing and accessories are best for wearing in cooler weather. Break out the jackets and boots for looks you’ll want to wear all year. The best part about your early fall style is that you can add more layers to stay stylish in late autumn.

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